About AB9D

I can be found on FaceBook as Cal Merritt. I have been a ham operator since 1962 and currently am on the radio on 75 meters at 3.740 (early evening) and 3.865 (late at night). I have a repeater on 145.29 tone 88.5 standard split and with IRLP node 4289. The web page was started many years ago and hosted on Geo Cities. After my retirement and some moves it went inactive but I am bringing it back to life. FaceBook is a poor mans and technical challenged persons web site but unfortunately to access it you must have a FB account. That is what makes the owners of FB gazillionares. The site here is so people can see hamfest pictures, other items of interest, black powder shooting with the NMLRA without being FB slaves. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.


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